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Health and Safety at camp is our #1 priority when caring for our participants and staff.


Health Centre

The health centre is one of our busiest areas of camp.  Lots of love and care goes into the success of the health centre.  Nursing staff and the Camp Director meet daily to discuss the health of the participants and staff as well as the efficiency, security and services of the Health Centre.

First Aid & Emergencies

All of our staff are required to have First Aid & CPR certification (Level C+AED).  This means that there is someone First Aid/CPR certified in every area of camp at all times. Belwood also maintains an easily accessible AED machine.

Property Safety

We are always upgrading to make our camp easier to access and enjoy.  The safety of the campers and staff is extremely important and any issues that may come up are always attended to promptly.   During the Spring months, we prepare the property and make necessary repairs so the property is ready and safe for the participants. 

We carry out safety drills every week including fire safety, lost lodger drills, tornado emergencies.  Our staff are trained on how to handle these emergencies and to help keep all lodgers safe during times of drills and emergencies.

Property Access

We are diligent about access to our property.  During the summer months, all visitors must check in with the Office and obtain a Visitor Badge to alert the staff that they have been approved to be on property.   Camper pick-up protocols ensure that campers are released only to agreed parties. 

Our camp has implemented appropriate safety protocols when it comes to visitors, neighbours, and the nearby roads.

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