Frequently Asked Questions

All COVID-19 policies are subject to change, and will be updated as new information emerges from the Ontario Camps Association & Public Health.

Will lodgers need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 before coming to Camp?

  • All Lodgers and staff will need to be vaccinated to come to camp for summer 2022. This has been put into place to make sure that we have the safest camp experience for everyone coming to camp this summer. 

What will we need to do before Camp starts?

  • First is to make sure your lodger is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

  • You will receive an email 3 weeks before your lodger is set to come to camp outlining what to expect when you arrive at camp. This will include being screened and potentially being tested that day.

  • We are encouraging all lodgers and their families to adhere to the public health guidelines and to limit contact with people outside the household for the 2 weeks before coming to camp. This is to help ensure that we are able to keep all people at camp safe and healthy. 

What if there is a COVID-19 case at Camp?

  • We will be regularly monitoring all lodgers and staff for COVID-19 daily throughout the session, including temperature checks and daily symptom screening.

  • In the case that there is a suspected case or positive test for COVID-19, our COVID-Coordinator (Head Nurse) will isolate the lodger(s) affected, and their activity Group and Cabin Group will be isolated as well. The Covid-Coordinator will then execute the COVID Response Plan to keep all other lodgers safe.

  • In the event that your lodger is a positive or suspected positive case, you will be required to pick your lodger up from Camp so they can recover in the comfort of home. We are unable to provide care for a COVID positive/suspected case for long periods of time, while keeping the rest of Camp safe.

  • You must pick up your camper within 2 hours of receiving a phone call. Please make sure that there is a person who can pick up the camper in case of emergency.

  • The lodger may be able to return to Camp after a negative COVID test.

  • If your lodger is in the same Cabin Group as a positive/suspected positive case, you will be called and updated on the situation regularly.

What happens if my camper develops symptoms of COVID-19 close to the start date of their camp session?

  • If a camper develops symptoms of COVID-19 we ask that you follow the public health guidelines to isolate. If a camper has COVID-19 symptoms they will not be allowed to come to camp.


If my camper can’t come to camp what is the refund policy?

  • You will receive a refund for the camp fees paid except for the $100 Deposit. This $100 will stay in your account and can be used for future sessions at camp. If the camper was at camp and has to leave, you will be refunded the amount associated with the time that the camper did not spend at camp.

Who will be able to come to Cohort Camp?