Accessibility is an important part of our facility.  We take pride in our focus on accessibility and continue to build and improve access and safety in the Camp.


Day-to-day accessibility

All of our daily programs and daily living areas are accessible to all participants.  This includes the cabins, bathrooms, pool, dining area, common areas and recreational halls.  


Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

We welcome participants who have mobility challenges.  Our staff are trained on how to use and care for support devices should participants require assistance.

Participants at Belwood must be able to self-transfer and bear their own weight while transferring.


Cabins & Sleeping

After the cabin upgrades of the mid 2000s, all of our participant cabins are completely wheelchair accessible and offer easy access for participants to self-transfer into their sleeping areas.



As our camp is over 70 years old, so is the property.  Over the years we have continued to make improvements.  We are currently looking to upgrade some path width, as well as offer easier access to the further areas of camp that we would like to use more.  If you'd like to help with that, check out our projects section.


Since 1946, Belwood Lodge and Camp has provided an engaging, safe holiday experience for people with intellectual disabilities.  Many of our participants and staff have been attend year after year, establishing lifelong friendships and creating a lifetime's worth of memories.

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Phone: 519-843-1211


Executive Director: James Lortie

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