2021 Registration Policies

COVID-19 has changed many of our programs and policies. These changes were made to directly address the impacts of COVID-19 and to keep our community safe. They are changes that will be in place during the impacts of COVID-19, and we are all looking forward to the return of Camp as we know it!

  • This summer, we will have much smaller sessions at Camp, which unfortunately means less available spaces.

  • Priority for registration will be given to those registered in 2020.

  • Whether or not you register/are accepted to camp in 2021 WILL NOT affect your priority for registration in future years.

Registration Priority

Applicant Eligibility

  • We will be screening applicants much more thoroughly to ensure they will succeed in our Cohort Camp, which may mean that lodgers eligible to come to Belwood in previous years will not be accepted this summer. This is not something we take lightly, or would ever choose to do, but we have to make safety a priority this summer, and hope that our community understands. 

  • Whether or not you register/are accepted to camp in 2021 WILL NOT affect your priority for registration in future years.

  • We want as many lodgers to experience Camp as possible this summer, so if an applicant is not accepted into our Cohort Camp, they will still be eligible for our Group Camp!

Waitlist Policy

  • Each lodger will be invited to sign up for 1 session only during February, to allow as many lodgers to come to Camp as possible. Depending on demand, this may open up to allow multiple sessions.

  • Sessions will likely fill quickly, and a waitlist formed. If you are placed on the waitlist, there is a high likelihood that spaces will open as our capacity increases! We are filling to minimum capacity as we learn more about what summer will look like but hope to increase capacity with increases in vaccination.


Since 1946, Belwood Lodge and Camp has provided an engaging, safe holiday experience for people with intellectual disabilities.  Many of our participants and staff have been attend year after year, establishing lifelong friendships and creating a lifetime's worth of memories.

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