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2024 Registration Policies

Applicant Eligibility

  • Each applicant is required to meet a certain set of criteria:

    1. Be a person who is diagnosed with an intellectual and/or physical disability.​

    2. Be age 7-17 for children and youth weeks, and 18+ for adult weeks.

    3. Have a valid health card, not expiring before the end of their stay at camp.

    4. All required information completed on the camp application.

      • Incomplete applications will be returned and will delay processing.

Screening Process

  • Each applicant's application will be screened.  This is what we unfortunately cannot support:

    1. Applicants who cannot communicate basic needs (either verbally, pic symbols, signing, etc).

    2. Applicants who have a behaviour protocol or behavioural patterns we cannot support with our staffing.

    3. Applicants who have a medical protocol or condition that is not considered stable enough for participation in an outdoor, communal environment

    4. Applicants who take more than 8 medications during one medical pass.

    5. Applicants who require 1:1 care, are G-Tube Fed, or cannot be supported in a 4:1 staffing environment.

    6. Applicants who have other needs that we cannot support with our staffing and property make-up.

Payment of Fees

  • All fees are required to be paid by May 31, 2024

    1. Deposits of $100 are due upon acceptance.

      1. Deposits are due within 30 Days of Acceptance​

    2. Fees can be paid by cheque, money-order, e-transfer, or online credit card.

    3. All outstanding fees are due by May 31st, 2024.  Failure to pay fees by that time may result in a spot being given to an applicant on the waitlist.

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