Participants find that they enjoy the outdoors in a rustic setting of field, wood and water with facilities to extend the summer experience indoors during inclement weather all while providing the safety and security they need  

Cabins & Sleeing Quarters
Our completely accessible cabins are a wonderful place to stay and spend a camp session with friends.  All of our cabins have lower bunks and beds for participants, and top bunk beds for staff members.  Each cabin is well ventilated, well-maintained and kept clean and sanitary. 

Common Areas
All our main areas are used frequently through the day.  Our most used building is the Hoffman House, our oldest building made of stone and fully renovated thanks to the Trillium Foundation in 2011 for use in our Common Room and Dining Hall areas.  Our Rec Hall is the heart of our camp, where some of the greatest camp memories happen.

Health Centre & Administration
We also have a Health Centre dedicated to the health of the participants and medication storage.  Our Head Nurse resides in the Health Centre.  You can discover more about the Health Centre here.

The Treehouse

The Treehouse was converted into an open-concept style office area for the administration and leadership staff to conduct office work and meetings.  It has a great view of the camp!

Virtual Tour
Want to see more?  Missing camp?  Check out our virtual tour to get an in depth look right from your home!