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About Belwood Lodge and Camp

Our summer camp provides a safe and fun experience for children, youth, and adults with intellectual disabilities.

For over 75 years, we have provided a unique holiday for many people who face daily challenges in their every day lives.  Individuals with autism and other spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries, and other intellectual disabilities have celebrated Belwood as a place they can call home away from home.

We are located at the heart of Belwood Lake in Belwood, Ontario, about 10 minutes east of Fergus. 

Our program gives our participants a chance to make positive, life-long friendships and build on their social skills.  We also offer an opportunity to try new activities in a safe, adaptable environment.

Our entire program is wheelchair accessible, an initiative we have been building for over a decade to become stronger and more useful to our participants. 

Our participants engage in several activities in the morning, as well as choice activities and clubs in the afternoon, bringing us all together for an all camp event in the evening like concerts, campfires, and modified tag games.  We offer land sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis/volleyball courts), a full accessible pool, as well as theatre, dance, arts & crafts, nature and special skills building.

Belwood offers a variety of different overnight opportunities:

Under 18 Weeks (1 week option)
Offered to our future adult lodger generation, we can take all participants who are age 7-17.  This is a newer program for Belwood and each year brings new friends and growth.

Adult Weeks (1, 2, or 3 week options)
For our Belwood lifers and our adult new-comers, we a variety of sessions for adults who are 18+.

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