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Our Staff

Among the assets that make the Camp Belwood experience, our carefully selected staff are, along with the other campers, a chief contributor to the best camp memories.  From experienced senior staff to hard-working maintenance and service personnel and especially the counsellors, Camp Belwood personnel are dedicated to a safe and memorable summer experience.   As often as we hear from campers about the wonderful staff, we hear from the staff about the transformative experiences at camp.  This is key factor in our high staff return rate.  Our staff are also advocates both as they work for us and as they carry on into their future careers.

Counsellors & Program Team
The heart and soul of our staff are the counselling and program teams.  This group of about 25 individuals provides the direct care for participants in the cabins and supervise and engage in the program for the participants.  Their energy, enthusiasm, and diligence are key to the participants' enjoyment. 

Health Team
Belwood Lodge and Camp Camp maintains an onsite nursing team to tend to the daily and emergency health needs of our campers and staff.  The nursing team is supported by senior staff and counsellor staff, all of whom hold CPR-C+AED First Aid certification. The dedicated nursing team at Belwood Lodge and Camp oversee the health needs of participants and staff with extreme care and responsibility.

Kitchen & Support Staff
The backbone of our camp is the kitchen and support staff who help keep camp fed and clean.  The Kitchen Staff work carefully in the kitchen to provide all meals and special diets, under the supervision of the Kitchen Manager.

Support Staff are responsible for keeping the camp maintained and cleaned including the outdoor maintenance, bathroom and dining hall sanitizing, as well as laundry for participants who stay for longer than one week.

Leadership team
The Leadership Team is a group of 7 individuals who supervise the staff during the duration of the camp program.  Supervised by the Camp Director, each Leadership Team member manages a specific area including Cabin Life, Program, Office Management, Human Resources, and Maintenance/Infrastructure.

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