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Registration Is Now Open

Registration for Summer 2023 is now Open !

Registration Acceptance Criteria

Belwood Lodge and Camp tries to include as many people as we can at our camp. Our top priority is safety. The Belwood Lodge and Camp team has created acceptance criteria to ensure that all campers and lodgers that come to camp we can support safely.  We want to make sure all participants are able to engage fully in programming and our staff have the ability to care for your loved ones appropriately. Please see below the basic criteria for acceptance to come to Belwood Lodge and Camp. Please note that acceptance into camp will be determined by the Camp Director.

Ability to bear ones own weight

We welcome participants with mobility aids. During Transfers we require participants to be able to bare their own weight throughout the transfer. This means that staff are not lifting the participant during transfers or to reposition a person in a chair.

Able to communicate basic needs

People communicate differently and we understand this. To make sure we are able to care for participants appropriately participants need to be able to communicate their basic needs clearly to staff. Communicate may mean using words, ASL, specific gestures ect. 

Will be able to engage in a group setting safely

Camp is a group environment. This means throughout the week at camp participants will always be with a group of people. Participants need to be able to safely engage with a group of people to ensure safety of all people at camp. There are moments where participants may need a moment to themselves which we can support.

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