Current Job Openings

Working at Belwood Lodge and Camp is an experience you will never forget. 

Lifelong friendships and new skills are built each and every summer! 

To join our team, please fill in a Camp Brain application.

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Applications will open in the fall- please check back soon!

Summer 2022 Staff Roles


Our counsellor team lives in cabins with our lodgers and support them at Camp!

In this role you will learn how to support individuals with special needs including feeding, dressing, toileting, showering etc! The Counsellor role is ideal for students looking to go into related fields such as Social Work, Medicine, Education, Psychology, Occupational Therapy etc!

Cabin Counsellors

Support individuals with special needs in all their activities of daily living & attend fun camp programs with the whole cabin!

Program Counsellors

Our Program Counsellors plan and deliver creative and inclusive camp programs in addition to the traditional Counsellor role!

Support Staff

Our support staff keeps camp running, clean and beautiful!

Kitchen Coordinator

The Kitchen Coordinator oversees the Camp Kitchen- ordering, preparing, serving and cleaning up the delicious food served in our dining hall!

Kitchen Staff 

Our Kitchen Staff work with the kitchen coordinator to prepare, serve and clean up meals for our lodgers!

Maintenance/Cleaning Staff

This team keeps camp clean and beautiful! Get experience with a variety of maintenance tasks- lawnmowing, weed whacking, painting, sweeping, sanitizing and more! 


RN/RPN to provide for the health care needs of our lodgers, including first aid and medication administration.